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40+ Boho Chic First Apartment Decor Ideas

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Type ‘Boho Chic’ within your Pinterest or Tumblr search and you’re sure to generate a plethora of images of girls wearing maxi dresses at Coachella, but you’ll also find pictures of gorgeous spaces crammed with patterned pillows, plants and rustic wood furniture.

There’s nothing less exciting than making do by having an old, scratched up dresser for the first apartment decor. But it’s a challenge to justify buying entirely new furniture when you’re just starting out and need to save lots of that precious dough. Rather than falling straight into the sad hand-me-down decor rut, jazz your furniture with one of these DIYs. All you‘ll need is a little bit of dedication and a few imagination. These modern furniture makeovers show how even an easy coat of paint can transform an old item into your modern masterpiece.

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