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8 DIY Knife Block Crayon Holder Crafts Ideas

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Can you ever walk by something in the thrift store and also your brain says, “Whooooa, hold up I will makesomething with THAT ! ! ” Well, that’s what happened when I stopped from the thrift store someday. I‘d been walking past this section of knife blocks and inspiration hit. I’ve got an excellent idea for any DIY knife block ! I can’t even say what that inspiration was. I simply saw everything wood sitting there and I started salivating. I simply knew I‘d been supposed to purchase one. And boy am I glad I did !

This DIY Crayon Block Holder is very easy because you are able to cause it to be with scrap wood you have at your home and it also allows you to easily create ! It‘ll cost you less when compared to a dollar to the wood after which you are able to add whatever you would like the term crayon or someone’s name.

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