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2016 Catalogue Sofas and Armchairs

Armchairs and sofa is one of the most important Italian companies specialized in producing and selling sofas and armchairs in fabrics and leathers. In a classic or modern style, each model represents a true high quality artisan work, characterized by a solid structure guaranteed 10 years.

The sofa is not considered a simple piece of furniture, but an artisan product, being entirely handmade in Italy. The new collection of 2016 poltronesofà is embellished with many new models of armchairs and sofas in fabric and leather. The new collections, as always, are designed for the perfect combination of aesthetics and quality of production.

Leather upholstery provides a choice between two different skins: Genisia and Macadamia, available in 16 colors, unique customization. While the fabrics, to choose the one that best suits your needs, it’s about 344. Even those made by skilled tailors, resistant and suitable for any type of furniture.

Behind every model there is creativity, care and professionalism of artisans, tailors and designers. Each Chair and sofa, is the result of a thought, from a pencil drawing and sketching the flowing on a piece that finally comes to life becoming a reality.

A chance to change the cover is an opportunity to express their personality.


Armchairs and sofas is synonymous with attention to detail, search for new ideas and use of quality materials. Several models proposed in the catalogue 2016: from linear sofas to relax sofas from sofa beds to those corners in fabric or leather.

Pontrone and sofa: prices and opinions

Armchairs and sofas signed armchairs and sofas are shown with an excellent quality/price ratio. If you are lucky and you are unable to take advantage of the launch price, you can buy 500-seater linear armchairs and sofas around €.

Basic sofas are priced ranging from 1000 to 3000 € and that varies by model.

Obviously the sofas in leather are priced higher than those covered with fabric and start at a base of 1500/2000 €.

Once you have chosen the sofa the customer has the opportunity to choose your payment method, based on the formula that best suits your needs.

Armchairs and sofas: points of sale

Armchairs and sofas stores are located throughout Italy and also abroad, as France and Malta.

To check the store closer to home, we recommend you consult the map or go to the website (www.poltronesofa.com) and type your postal box code.