Home Remodeling Allure Flooring Installation Guideline

Allure Flooring Installation Guideline


Allure flooring installation can be an interesting and fun project to do. To get more information, check Allure flooring reviews. This Allure flooring is a covering of vinyl flooring that is designed to mimic the hardwood look. This flooring is sold at a larger store of home improvement, such as Home Depot, and produced by Trafficmaster.


There are various options when it comes to the allure flooring finishes, for example oak, hickory, and cherry. This flooring is known as a wood alternative that is more affordable. Moreover, the flooring is also easy to install and employ a system of proprietary connection that is friendly for DIY homeowners. Here are some steps to do the Allure flooring installation you can follow.

Allure Flooring Installation 1: Preparation

Preparation is one of the important steps in Allure flooring installation. This step is started by measuring where the flooring is going to be installed. This will help to determine the need of material. Each allure flooring case contains the materials of 24 square feet. To climate to the humidity and temperature levels before installation, all products of vinyl flooring should be allowed to sit in the home for 48 hours. The material can be installed over any type of the existing flooring, such as vinyl, wood, linoleum, concrete, or tile. Clear the existing flooring first for a better result.


Allure Flooring Installation 2: Allure Plank Flooring Installation

This step is done along the most visible or longest wall in the room. Laying moisture or underlayment first is not needed. Cut the top or over the edge connector off of the first plank and place the smooth edge. Leave a gap of 1/8inch between the flooring and the wall for expansion. Hold the next flooring row at an angle of 45-degree to the floor and slip it into the place by using connectors of Grip Strip. Continue the installation and make sure it is installed properly.



Allure Flooring Installation 3: Allure Tiles Installation

These tiles are installed like the prank flooring one, but extra steps are the only differences, as it is important to make the grout lines lined up across the surface. Start the first flooring row with full three tile plank and start the next row with two tiles of cut plank. Use the single tile remaining in the third row starting. Continue this pattern for the next Allure flooring installation step.