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Best Tips Choosing Fireplace Heart Design and Material IDeas

It isn‘t a simple task to choose the best fireplace heart design and material. First because the guts adds the finishing touches from the fireplace appearance, adds beauty to the space and it is crucial that the initial purpose from the fireplace hearth is to feature safety Isn‘t overlooked.


Maybe you‘ve heard the fireplace heart is half the fireplace. It‘s quite true once the word comes for safety not just to the home except for the occupants also. There will be several types of fireplace heart materials and a few preliminary information is definitely an absolute must before selecting the planning of your respective heart. The guts should be made of non-combustible materials just in case any stray sparks or embers escaped the fireplace.

Brick or stone will be the classic materials and the very best choice for any hearth as they don‘t catch fire, however they may also be among the foremost expensive. Other materials like ceramic tiles, marble, granite, concrete, slate happen to be widely utilized in various designs. Granite and tiles are recommended for solid fuels (real fires ). Granite, tiles, slate, limestone – these are generally perfect for gas or electric fireplaces.


The fireplace heart combined having a unique fireplace screen makes an enormous difference not just to the way in which the fireplace looks but to the entire interior of the space. Stone hearts, for example granite, marble, travertine add slightly of class and elegance towards the home. Glass hearts will look great and modern.

Ensure that these are generally made of safety glass. Slate is yet another contemporary option because it adds a polished shiny accent towards the interior. Some hearts could be edged with metal ornaments to enhance their strength. Check the gallery and find out the various varieties of hearts – modern, classic, rustic, along with some ideas for selecting your heart material.