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Black and White Bedroom Designing Ideas


Black & white is a timeless color duo that keeps inspiring most of the interior designers; it’s remaining the most fashionable look till now especially for modern style fans.

In the bedroom, black and white can get married in different ways; you can have the wall, ceiling or maybe the floor in black while the rest of the room in white, or maybe you can have weights, stripes, patterns or stickers in black on a white background.



Use black furniture, accessories, bedding, carpet, light fixtures, headboard or pillows with the rest of the bedroom in white… There are a multitude of choices available with this elegant & up-to-date color contrast.

This theme has also the advantage of matching easily with any third color so you can add heat or freshness as you like just using a third color which allows you to change the room’s look every season for example. And if you are not sure of adding black furniture to your white bedroom, you can simply create a very nice black & white effect using bed sheets & other accessories. A black & white bedroom creates a superb harmony and brings a very stylish look.