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Captivating Small Kitchen Designs in Modern Theme

Small kitchen designs with modern theme, in a simple word, are simple yet clean design. Now, having small kitchen will not mean small creativity. As you know, today, versatile workplace can also be created in the small kitchen. In modern design for small kitchen, the refrigerator and dishwasher are placed under a panel that connects to the cabinets above. For too many appliances, there is no huge space left.  Next, you will find how to make your kitchen more comfortable and nice. Read more to grab the ideas!

Small Kitchen Designs: Modern Colors and Islands

Adding a particular color can be a good idea to help the modern small kitchen designs uplift. Many designers in interior designing have used color as a great tool. Space illusion can be created by placing a modified lighting under the counter as well as under cabinets. Interior designer will make you kitchen looks more appealing and larger. Glass door cabinet with lighter color creates more spacious look. About the small kitchen floor plans, the tiles can diagonally be applied on to complete it.


A large appearance can still be created by designing kitchen hardware floors in a galley. It is a nice idea to double the kitchen as the work place as well if you desire to apply an island or modern small kitchen designs. Island can be a great solution for space problem in small kitchen. You can find the island designs available and choose one that suits your preferences, needs, and personal taste.

Small Kitchen Designs for Space Saving

Saving spaces mean prevent clutter. Moreover, make a little bit space you will have higher efficiency. It also means fewer items to be placed on the kitchen as well. To extend the available work place, you can install deeper cabinets.


Modern or futuristic small kitchen designs are focused on function even more as they, you can cut the clutter down. Natural and man-made materials are those that includes on the modern materials. In addition, the theme of will be fit with a glass in maple-wood facing. After all, even though you will not have so many to put in your small kitchen, it does not always mean it will be bore some in appearance. With small kitchen and small kitchen designs, you can have your budget keep on track easier.