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Allure Flooring Installation Guideline


Allure flooring installation can be an interesting and fun project to do. To get more information, check Allure flooring reviews. This Allure flooring is a covering of vinyl flooring that is designed to mimic the hardwood look. This flooring is sold at a larger store of home improvement, such as Home Depot, and produced by Trafficmaster.


There are various options when it comes to the allure flooring finishes, for example oak, hickory, and cherry. This flooring is known as a wood alternative that is more affordable. Moreover, the flooring is also easy to install and employ a system of proprietary connection that is friendly for DIY homeowners. Here are some steps to do the Allure flooring installation you can follow.

Allure Flooring Installation 1: Preparation

Preparation is one of the important steps in Allure flooring installation. This step is started by measuring where the flooring is going to be installed. This will help to determine the need of material. Each allure flooring case contains the materials of 24 square feet. To climate to the humidity and temperature levels before installation, all products of vinyl flooring should be allowed to sit in the home for 48 hours. The material can be installed over any type of the existing flooring, such as vinyl, wood, linoleum, concrete, or tile. Clear the existing flooring first for a better result.


Allure Flooring Installation 2: Allure Plank Flooring Installation

This step is done along the most visible or longest wall in the room. Laying moisture or underlayment first is not needed. Cut the top or over the edge connector off of the first plank and place the smooth edge. Leave a gap of 1/8inch between the flooring and the wall for expansion. Hold the next flooring row at an angle of 45-degree to the floor and slip it into the place by using connectors of Grip Strip. Continue the installation and make sure it is installed properly.



Allure Flooring Installation 3: Allure Tiles Installation

These tiles are installed like the prank flooring one, but extra steps are the only differences, as it is important to make the grout lines lined up across the surface. Start the first flooring row with full three tile plank and start the next row with two tiles of cut plank. Use the single tile remaining in the third row starting. Continue this pattern for the next Allure flooring installation step.

How to Instal Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement bathroom ideas are pretty popular these days. In the old days, people might thing a bathroom in the basement won’t do that much of a good. Moreover, it is hard enough to install the plumb in the basement. So, not many people had bathroom in their basement in the old days. However, things have change these days. A lot of people have their own installation type in their basement. Here are several ideas that might help you in making your own basement bathroom ideas.

Basement Bathroom Ideas and the Significance of ItThese days basements are not all gloomy and dark like what you used to see and have. The basement had received more attention since way back then. It is now also a part of the house where activities often conducted Even when you are doing the laundry or doing some wood work down in the basement, the comfort is still needed, isn’t it?


Thus, basement bathroom ideas are needed so you can make the basic need of all human inside the basement. This will also be very useful during evacuation. For example you take shelter in your basement during an earthquake or flood or storm, you will feel rest assured having bathroom in your basement.

Basement Bathroom Ideas, Motives and Tiles

There are so many tiles and motives of basement bathroom ideas you can choose. They are available in the same type as the usual bathroom you could have in the house. Mermaid tile and nature tile is pretty popular these days. Other tile is also very interesting to try. Arranging the tile as the color that you like is also a nice choice. Just make sure you choose the right installation pipe because this is a bathroom under the level of the ground.


There is a slight difference on the basement shower ideas than those in your house. There are a lot of types you can browse around the collection of the bathroom installation for the basement including the shower or bathtub installation. There, you should get yourself the best installation package of the shower to accompany your basement bathroom ideas.

Basement Bathroom Consturction ideas

Rustoleum Countertop Paint

Rustoleum countertop paint is a special paint made for coating the top of bar counter or kitchen counter. When we have used a counter for too long, it will eventually become rather shabby and worn out. The polishing will usually start to wear off during the first six months if the counter is well used every day. If you are sick looking at the old counter, you do not have to necessarily buy a new one. The Rustoleum countertop paint is there to help you to solve the problem.

Rustoleum Countertop Paint with Extra Coating and ShieldingThis counter paint has been used by lots of households and shops. The quality and easy appliance makes the product to be a favorite among the customers. Moreover, there is still lacking in the variation of counter paint product. That is why the Rustoleum countertop paint is currently the leading counter paint product which offers you the best quality and result of the paint.


Rustoleum does not only make you counter look new with the new color but also gives you counter extra protection. The mixture of the paint is added with HomeShield(TM) Antimicrobial Protection which will prevent any molds and micro-bacterial beings to grow and damage your counter. Thus, the Rustoleum countertop paint extends the life of your counter as well as making it look new.

Rustoleum Countertop Paint with a Wide Range of Available Colors

The Rustoleum has a wide selection of colors to fill in. They are all made to be suitable for a counter top whether you want the bright color one or the dark color. All of them are glossy and from Rustoleum countertop paint review, it is clear that the quality of the color won’t be wearing off pretty soon. Because it is not expensive, you can change the color of your counter every once in a while.

This is a great solution for making your counter look shining and new. If you own a bar, polishing your counter with Rustoleum will attract even more customers coming to your bar. If you apply it on the kitchen, you can cook more happily with the ‘new’ counter to set your finished dishes on. The Rustoleum countertop paint is the solution for shabby counter problems.

Epoxy Garage Floor for Protection on your Garage


Epoxy garage floor is a coating especially made to protect the garage floor from damage of constant parking of your car inside it. Most garages use concrete flooring to keep the concrete from cracking up and also from sun exposure. There are a lot of uses of the Epoxy coating other than for garage floor coating. However, most people use this only for garage floor coating because of its thickness and solid coat. This is usually used alone for coating, or some people who would like to add some colors on their garage floor usually use Epoxy garage floor for extra coating after the paint.Epoxy Garage Floor for Longer Durability

The advantage of having this Epoxy garage floor coating your garage floor is that your garage floor will last longer than if you do not coat it. Your car is heavy and the constant strain of your car going in and out of the garage will slowly damage the concrete floor. Sun exposure will also affect and fasten the breaking up of the floor. The Epoxy garage floor provides extra coating and protection for the garage floor and the coat is thick enough to make the floor last longer.

How you can Create Your Own Ice Fishing House


An ice fishing house is a straightforward structure that may be produced by nearly anybody with fundamental tools along with a readiness to really get it done. Generally an ice fishing house is simply a simple six by ten structure with holes within the floor but it is also as complex so that as luxurious as you would like so that it is. With some planning, the best materials and tools to do the job you may make and plan your personal custom web design for and ice fishing hut.

Asbestos Abatement Cost Estimation and Consideration


Either DIY or using contractor to remove asbestos requires you to spend some asbestos abatement cost. This cost varies from the size of the area and the included. When some people think of minimizing the cost by doing the DIY removal, some other cannot do it since it is prohibited by the regulation or they don’t have time to do it. The cost to remove asbestos flooring or siding may vary based on the circumstances. To get more information on the cost and things included in the package, read the following information.The minimum asbestos abatement cost no matter how small the job is around $1,500 to $3,000. If you clean about 10 foot of asbestos flooring or siding, it may cost about $400-$650. Larger and more complicated job may cost around $20.000 to $30,000. If you call independent professional inspector, you need $200-$400 more in the budget. For sample analysis, the price ranged from $25 to $75.


Even though the typical asbestos abatement cost is presented above, the contractor in your area may has different price list. Browsing for the information of asbestos abatement cost estimate before doing the abatement will be very beneficial to plan the budget as precise as possible. Even so, it is recommended to think of the quality of the work since asbestos removals need to be done carefully to prevent the contamination that put the health of your family in danger.

Things Included in Proper Asbestos Abatement Cost

When you pick a contractor to do asbestos abatement for your house, the following things should be included in the package. The first thing is the inspection and recommendation from the professional. After the inspection is done, the proper sealing off process should be done to prevent the hazard contaminating the environment. The next thing included in the package is complete removal and cleaning of the remaining asbestos that may exist in the area. Asbestos abatement cost usually includes the care of the debris and other waste after the removal.

Pict by:
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In addition, to shop the best package of abatement service, you can visit the list of contractor listed by Environmental Protection Agency or contact the health departments in your area. Thus, you can get the best service with reasonable asbestos abatement cost.

French Drain Basement


French drain basement is one of so many choices you can take as a prevention or countermeasure for basement drainage. Flooded up basement is really hard and troublesome to do so prevention is a better step and easier to do. Other than cleaning up the drainage system around your house and making your yard so you can have the water run by it instead of held up, you should also provide proper drainage in the basement itself. French drain basement is a nice choice.

French Drain Basement: How it Works

The French drain basement is a drainage system consist of several things and proper installation of pipes to make your basement floor waterproof. It is need to be done by someone who knows their things in the piping world and need to be professional in it. Basically, the French drain basement works by gathering all the water that might sip into the basement, and then throwing it into the water ways installed bellow the basement.


If you want to install this piping system, you might have to reconstruct your basement flooring and it will be a lot of work. However, in the end, your basement will be free from the risk of flooding. The basement flooring will be made to be slightly slanting to one side of the room, thus the water will flow there. Next, a track will be made so the water will enter a hole at the corner of the room which is connected to a prepared drainage place.

French Drain Basement: Clog Up Prevention

Even if you had installed the French drain basement, you still is not completely free from the danger of basement flooding. The drainage could be clogged up and to prevent that, you have to clean it up on regular basis and mainly during the wet season.


Installing this kind of drainage system is very difficult and you almost not going to be able to do it yourself if this is not your real line of works. So let the pro o it for you and you will only need to pay for a few dollars as French drain basement cost. The French drain basement will be very easy to handle and maintain then.

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