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Epoxy Garage Floor for Protection on your Garage


Epoxy garage floor is a coating especially made to protect the garage floor from damage of constant parking of your car inside it. Most garages use concrete flooring to keep the concrete from cracking up and also from sun exposure. There are a lot of uses of the Epoxy coating other than for garage floor coating. However, most people use this only for garage floor coating because of its thickness and solid coat. This is usually used alone for coating, or some people who would like to add some colors on their garage floor usually use Epoxy garage floor for extra coating after the paint.Epoxy Garage Floor for Longer Durability

The advantage of having this Epoxy garage floor coating your garage floor is that your garage floor will last longer than if you do not coat it. Your car is heavy and the constant strain of your car going in and out of the garage will slowly damage the concrete floor. Sun exposure will also affect and fasten the breaking up of the floor. The Epoxy garage floor provides extra coating and protection for the garage floor and the coat is thick enough to make the floor last longer.

Attic Insulation for Qualified House

Attic insulation will be very helpful for you to keep the air condition in your house. You will absolutely reduce the electricity claim in your house when you apply the insulation in your attic. Why you should put the insulation in the attic? It is because the insulation is easier to be installed in your attic rather than in the basement. Applying the insulation in your attic will help to keep the air temperature in your house, so that you and decrease the air conditioner and heater usage in your house.

Attic Insulation Installation TechniqueInstalling attic insulation will give many advantages for you and your family. Therefore, you should apply it in your house to get all of the advantages. It may keep the air condition inside your house in the winter or summer; it also helps to keep the air temperature inside the house without using too much air conditioner and heater. To get the optimum benefit of the insulation, you should pay more attention in the installation technique. You should consider the number of the insulation layer in your house. You should put more layers if you live in the cold climate.


The Use of Attic insulation

Installing attic insulation in your house will give you many advantages for you and your family. Since you do not need to spend too much money for paying the electricity claim, thus you can save the money for any other matter. You may use it to get the other stuff to decorate your house and improve the quality and value of your house. You can get all of the advantages of the insulation if you apply it properly, thus you may need some helps from the home builder, it may add the cost of the attic insulation cost, though it is not as much as the cost you need to pay the electricity claim.

Applying the attic insulation is proven to give you many advantages. It helps you keep your family health by keep the air in the normal temperature and help absorb the wet air that may harm your health condition. Therefore, you are really recommended to install the attic insulation in your house.

How to Apply Garage Floor Cover Coating

Garage floor covering or better known as garage floor coating is essential element for your garage to design the functional and attractive garage for your home. If you want to apply covering for your garage floor, you should choose the best one. So you will not be disappointed later. Beside that you must know that garage is the important space of your home to keep your vehicles and supporting equipments to fix such broken part.

Garage Floor Covering Essentially Improve your Garage InteriorMany textures of garage floor covering are available now for your selection. The pattern which you choose will influence the interior of your garage. It can be classic one if you choose wood pattern or it can be some touch of racing if you select the one with some rectangle shapes in it. However it is good to not only focus about the appearance but also the functionality. It means you should also focus on the durability of it.


Durability always connects with the material for designing the product of garage floor. You must concern about the quality of your selection. Nowadays there are a lot of types of material which can be your selection. Nevertheless you must be careful to choose the best one to make sure your selection is appropriate.

Applying Garage floor covering on Your Garage

For example if you choose type of rust ileum epoxy shield, so you can follow several methods before applying it. Firstly if your floor is new, you should wait for at least one month. It aims for making sure your cement was cure. Then you can mix an etch powder with water for cleaning your floor. It must be done before you apply epoxy on. Next you have to wait again till your garage floor covering is dry completely.

Actually it will take about sixteen till twenty hours to dry. Finally you can put the epoxy on your garage floor covering. However you can completely use your garage. Actually it usually has to do for every selection of your garage floor. Moreover after seven days your car may stand on your garage floor covering.

Choose and Installing Vessel Sink Faucets

Vessel sink faucets will look better by combining it with the right and match sink. As bathroom is considered as one of the important rooms of a home, giving special attention to it is a good idea. There is not too many words for designing bathroom. A proper and elegant bathroom with the proper faucet for vessel sinks is not just a dream anymore as now a day, wide varieties of colors, design, and style are available.With a raised design of sink, vessel represents a traditional break.

This means that the vessel sink faucets needs refreshed design to be consistent with the sinks, both in functionality and design terms. This will open up new possibilities as well. Slightly above the sink, the faucets into the wall are come mounted. The design insists on the aspect of functionality without compromising its aesthetic side. Considering the separated design, from just the look, unknowing eye may conclude right away that the faucets and the sinks are different. However, this is not the case.Vessel Sink Faucets Designs


You have to consider the vessel sink faucets design well when designing your bathroom’s sink. This is because designing sink is a challenging work to do, especially if your vessel sink is made from glass or stone materials. Mostly, the sink faucets made from these materials would not last long. Thus, in most cases, the material desired is the metal. You will be surprised with the consistent look and appeal that is undeniable from the right combination of finish and design can be created.

Tutorial Installing Vessel Sink Faucets

For the faucets with wall-mounted type, the design can be center set or widespread. It will depend on which one that works well for you. For you who have delivery system of cold and hot water, you need to make sure that the faucets material can tolerate with the temperature changes.

In different vessel sink faucets and their materials, sink faucets have different finishes and lengths. Meanwhile, the biggest variable is the pricing. The luxury faucets with timeless radiance may cost $450. Thus, you need to prepare that much money for this luxury type of vessel sink faucets.

Bathtub Drain Stopper Reparation


Bathtub drain stopper will be really useful when you are going to take a bath. It is useful to keep the water in the bathtubs, so that you can stay in the bathtub with the warm water and relax your mind. Relaxing yourself in the warm water in the bathtub can be very useful to relieve stress due to your daily activities. That is why a good drain stopper in the bathtub is important. Without a proper drain stopper, you cannot enjoy relaxing times when you are taking a bath. The drain stopper is available in various types that will make your bath time really interesting.

Bathtub Drain Stopper’s Leaking Problem and Reparation

One of the most uncomfortable things when you are bathing is when the water in your bathtubs is continuously draining because of the leaking of the drain stopper. It will absolutely suck your relaxing moment to release your stress. This terrible thing happens in almost any kinds of bathtub, which has an inappropriate drain stopper. That is why you have to pay attention to your bathtub drain stopper to prevent this thing from happening to you.

Water leaking when you are bathing is really terrible thing that will absolutely ruin one of the favorite times. To solve this problem, you don’t have to hurry replacing the bathtub drain stopper with the new one. There are some bathtub drain stopper tips that will make your drain stopper function as before. To prevent a water leaking is very easy and you can do it yourself without any help from the bathtub builder expert. You just need to make some adjustments in the drain mechanism and the water will not leak anymore.


Put the Right Bathtub Drain Stopper

When the reparation cannot handle the leaking water anymore, it is the time to get a new drain stopper in your bathtub. There are various drain stoppers available. Some of them are uniquely designed and most of them are made of plastic or silicone rubber, which will prevent the water leaking better than the default drain stopper from the bathtub manufacturer.


Source Pict: Handyman

How To Waterproofing a Basement

Waterproofing a basement is a very important step you have to do if you own a basement in your house. During the wet season, there is always big chance that basement without water drainage system of waterproofing system in it will be flooded after a flood or hail. Cleaning up the mess of your basement after a flood will be really troublesome. Moreover, if you use wooden flooring, the wood will become humid and even grows mold if too often being exposed to water. Thus, you should o some waterproofing a basement.Waterproofing a Basement and Easy Steps to Do ItFirst thing to make your basement water proof is checking on the drainage system of your house. You have to make sure that the ground where you channel the water from your house’s roof is slanting away from the direction of your basement. This way, water won’t sip inside the basement. Other step on waterproofing a basement is regularly cleans up the drainage around your house. Make sure all the water is channeled to the right direction away from your house and basement.

How To Basement Waterproofing – DIY – Exterior Wall

Rooted plants near your basement might damage the wall of the basement. Make sure that there is no plant near your basement. There is also waterproof paint you can use to coat your basement wall. This is the easiest way and protection you can over as effort of waterproofing a basement. Other wall protection is by giving a close look and if there is any crack on the wall, hurry and repair it.Waterproofing a Basement, Sump and Drainage System


If you have serious water issue, you could try installing sump which will channel any water flooding to the basement then pump it out from the basement. Other drainage system for your waterproofing operation is the French drainage system. This is really hard to do by yourself if you are not a pro so you might have to spend some money for cost of waterproofing a basement.

Overall, the process might be rather troublesome, but if you are too lazy to do it, you will regret it during the wet season and you have to do the basement clean up every time the rain pours down. Prevention by waterproofing a basement is better.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows Suit

Window treatments for bay windows are very important to improve your home decoration. Having bay window itself in your home has already given different value for your home, moreover when you give the best treatments for your bay widows in your house. The appropriate treatment for your bay windows will absolutely improve your home value. Moreover, if your bay windows are facing the yard, garden or sea, it absolutely makes your home have very high value.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows Suit with the Area FunctionGiving the right treatment for your windows will beautify your house. When you are planning to decorate your bay windows, you should consider some of the treatments that will make your bay windows beautiful. The most important thing that you have to consider is the function of the area in the bay windows, whether you use it as the living room, family room, or dining room. Determining the function of the area will help you to decide what treatment you will apply.Curtaining for Window Treatments for Bay Windows


Applying the appropriate curtain for the window is very important matter when you decorate your home. Curtaining for the window treatments for bay windows are different from the regular windows treatment. You have to choose the curtains for bay windows carefully that will give the best impression to your home decoration. The right color, texture of the curtain and the right pattern for your bay windows will make it look elegance.The Alternatives Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Instead of applying curtain for your bay windows, you can apply the other window treatments for bay windows in your home. You can install the wooden shutters to reduce the light that comes inside your home. You may also apply the venetian blinds for reducing the light in your house. It is a good choice for the house in the rich of sunlight area.

To be able to apply the best treatment for the bay windows in your house, you can ask the interior design expert. You can consult the window bay decoration with them. On the other hand you can get the inspiration from the home decoration magazine or in the home decoration sites in the Internet so that you will get the best window treatments for bay windows.

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