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Easy Steps Creating Monochrome Scandinavian Bathrooms

– Neutral walls

Choose colours like white, light grey or pastels to keep your bathroom bright, airy and inviting. Dark-coloured walls are OK, but only within a small section of the bathroom. Having too many dark walls creates an illusion of a smaller, overshadowed bathroom.

– Storage matters

Here’s where cabinets and drawers come into play. Because Scandinavian bathrooms are known for their minimalism, it is imperative to lessen clutter as much as possible to create a clean environment. Also, take advantage of wall space for storage by adding hooks and shelves.

20 Beautiful Monochrome Scandinavian Bathrooms

– A dash of colour

While a main aspect of a Scandinavian-style bathroom is its neutral colour scheme, do not be afraid of adding a pop of colour! Ideas include bright towels, rugs, stools and even painted bathtubs.

– Black and metallic accents

White on white is highly prevalent throughout Scandinavian designs, but so are hints of black and metallic tones. The two work to provide a visual contrast against the light background.

– Flooring

Tiles, a popular bathroom flooring choice, especially with Scandinavian bathrooms, offer extensive colour and texture options that effortlessly livens up bland bathrooms. Other flooring options include stone, ceramic and hardwood, all of which adds a rustic and natural component. If you do, however, decide to go with darker floors, be sure that the rest of your bathroom is relatively light to avoid a dull atmosphere.

– Keep it bright

A big part of what makes Scandinavian bathrooms feel so relaxing is the natural light entering from open windows. Stay clear from dark and heavy window shades and blinds that will block sunlight from filling the bathroom. Installing light fixtures such as pendant or wall lights will not only add a modern flare, but will keep your bathroom bright even when the sun sets.

– Timber

Another common staple of Scandinavian design is the incorporation of timber, from cabinet doors, mirror frames, counters, shelves, stools, or even a feature wall. Choose recycled, solid or veneer timber to add a warm and luxurious element to your bathroom.

– Scale back on accessories

Following the minimalistic design, too many accessories will inevitably clutter your bathroom. Instead, choose a simple statement piece, like a large rug, a pot of vibrant flowers, or a mini-chandelier.

– Multiple mirrors

Whether it be a single, large mirror or multiple small mirrors, the reflections will help to create an illusion of a larger, lighter, and more open space. Square and rectangular mirrors work to elongate the room, while circular or odd-shaped mirrors are typically better if you want a single, focal mirror. The latter also adds visual variety to the often times linear Scandinavian design.

– Add a stool

Many Scandinavian bathrooms include a stool or bench, a simple yet practical accessory for a small resting place or a surface to plop your towels, magazines, and candles on. Furthermore, you can rearrange its position as many times as you’d like!

– Bring nature inside

Adding a plant to your bathroom décor is an easy way to bring life (literally) into your space – an instant cheerer-upper after a long and tiring week. Some of the easiest indoor plants to maintain include the Fiddle-Leaf Fig, English Ivy, and Peace Lily.

Modern, fresh, uncomplicated design. With a Scandinavian twist to your bathroom, you will have your very own sanctuary to escape, relax and rejuvenate in – right in the comfort of your home!

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