Home Exterior French Doors Exterior Simple yet Stunning Ideas

French Doors Exterior Simple yet Stunning Ideas

French doors exterior is not only beautiful, but also look classic and artistic to be put in your house. Typically made with big frame, it offers excellent air flowing and light to the room. Even though there are not so many details in the door, it makes great choice when it is combined with other furniture or decoration that supports the style of the room. If you really want French door in your house, yet still don’t know how to put it, you can take a look at some of brilliant French doors ideas compiled from various sources here.Let’s take a look at the first idea of French doors exterior design. It is plain square white frame French door.

What make is pretty special is the patio right in the front of the door. Not a so-so patio, it is a unique roofless patio with plates of wood as the light blocker above the area. It even becomes more stylish with green curtain that matched with the sofa set put in it. Moreover, with green garden surrounding the patio the patio French doors look incredibly simple, yet mixed well with other elements of the house.

The next awesome idea is a French doors exterior design applied in the bedroom facing open garden. Large French door with glass frame in three of four part of the door creates privacy for the owner, yet allow sufficient amount of light during the day. White ruffle curtain inserted right behind the door bring more romantic and cozy atmosphere. Waking up in the morning and greet fresh air and twittering birds in the garden will be the best way to start your day, for sure.

More Ideas of French Doors Exterior Design

The next idea in the line is French doors exterior is square typical French door put between dining room and swimming pool. The view of swimming pool and garden is just too good to be missed. That’s why it is such great idea to put French door between your dining room and swimming pool area.

Put soft-colored curtain, and be ready to get outstanding result.

Well, those are some ideas on putting artistic French door into your house and create your genuine French doors exterior ideas.

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