Home Remodeling French Drain Basement

French Drain Basement


French drain basement is one of so many choices you can take as a prevention or countermeasure for basement drainage. Flooded up basement is really hard and troublesome to do so prevention is a better step and easier to do. Other than cleaning up the drainage system around your house and making your yard so you can have the water run by it instead of held up, you should also provide proper drainage in the basement itself. French drain basement is a nice choice.

French Drain Basement: How it Works

The French drain basement is a drainage system consist of several things and proper installation of pipes to make your basement floor waterproof. It is need to be done by someone who knows their things in the piping world and need to be professional in it. Basically, the French drain basement works by gathering all the water that might sip into the basement, and then throwing it into the water ways installed bellow the basement.


If you want to install this piping system, you might have to reconstruct your basement flooring and it will be a lot of work. However, in the end, your basement will be free from the risk of flooding. The basement flooring will be made to be slightly slanting to one side of the room, thus the water will flow there. Next, a track will be made so the water will enter a hole at the corner of the room which is connected to a prepared drainage place.

French Drain Basement: Clog Up Prevention

Even if you had installed the French drain basement, you still is not completely free from the danger of basement flooding. The drainage could be clogged up and to prevent that, you have to clean it up on regular basis and mainly during the wet season.


Installing this kind of drainage system is very difficult and you almost not going to be able to do it yourself if this is not your real line of works. So let the pro o it for you and you will only need to pay for a few dollars as French drain basement cost. The French drain basement will be very easy to handle and maintain then.