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How to Create a Stylish Interior Design for Your Apartment


Although you think your apartment is too small and does not have what it takes to be a stylish interior, you should know that this depends only on you. A small space should not limit your imagination, on the contrary: you should strive to find original ways to make it look elegant and classy yet cosy, using the most unexpected resources.

Instead of seeing the glass half empty, you should focus on the benefits of having a smaller house: you do not have to clear or de-clutter too much and you are also forced to come up with great design ideas. You will be able to create a cosy and welcoming space, not only for your family but also for all your guests. If you lack creativity, then you should know that there are plenty of suggestions and tips you will find in dedicated magazines or web sites, so do not hesitate to put in practice some of them. You will be amazed by the result!Add some colour to the interior


It is well known that smaller spaces are highlighted by pastel colours (cream, baby blue or tan) and natural light, but if you will stick only to those, the apartment may end up looking dull. For this reason, you should try to add a bit of colour: avoid painting the walls red, but add some orange or purple cushions on a white sofa. This will make the space seem more joyful and vivid. You can also match the cushions with the flowers from the coffee table: make some nice arrangements using small ribbons and seasonal flowers which will look natural and classy.

Style the book shelves

Long gone the times when a book shelf consisted only in books. Nowadays, there is a strong trend in terms of interior design, allowing you to place anything you want on the shelves, as long as the objects match. This means you can forget about the multitude of books arranged vertically side by side, because you can create a stack of books on top of which you can add flowers, candles, small paintings or cosmetics. These will look amazing, not to mention that they offer you a better use of space.


Use original decorations

Vases and bowls are still very fashionable, but you can definitely get more original: try tribal accessories (such as animal horns or figurines), baskets, sliver trays and small cacti. All these are in great demand and will make the perfect choice for your small apartment. Do not forget about the wall art: whether you choose large natural paintings or small framed quotes, these will make the space look classy and meaningful.