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How To Waterproofing a Basement

Waterproofing a basement is a very important step you have to do if you own a basement in your house. During the wet season, there is always big chance that basement without water drainage system of waterproofing system in it will be flooded after a flood or hail. Cleaning up the mess of your basement after a flood will be really troublesome. Moreover, if you use wooden flooring, the wood will become humid and even grows mold if too often being exposed to water. Thus, you should o some waterproofing a basement.Waterproofing a Basement and Easy Steps to Do ItFirst thing to make your basement water proof is checking on the drainage system of your house. You have to make sure that the ground where you channel the water from your house’s roof is slanting away from the direction of your basement. This way, water won’t sip inside the basement. Other step on waterproofing a basement is regularly cleans up the drainage around your house. Make sure all the water is channeled to the right direction away from your house and basement.

How To Basement Waterproofing – DIY – Exterior Wall

Rooted plants near your basement might damage the wall of the basement. Make sure that there is no plant near your basement. There is also waterproof paint you can use to coat your basement wall. This is the easiest way and protection you can over as effort of waterproofing a basement. Other wall protection is by giving a close look and if there is any crack on the wall, hurry and repair it.Waterproofing a Basement, Sump and Drainage System


If you have serious water issue, you could try installing sump which will channel any water flooding to the basement then pump it out from the basement. Other drainage system for your waterproofing operation is the French drainage system. This is really hard to do by yourself if you are not a pro so you might have to spend some money for cost of waterproofing a basement.

Overall, the process might be rather troublesome, but if you are too lazy to do it, you will regret it during the wet season and you have to do the basement clean up every time the rain pours down. Prevention by waterproofing a basement is better.