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Pull Down Attic Stairs Saving Space and Convenience

Pull down attic stairs will make your access to your attic easier while having no need to carry stairs whenever you are going to the attic or without having to make stairs that lead to it. Just like what you have seen on TV, these stairs are attached to the attic door on your roof and then when you open it, the stairs will scroll down ready to be used. Pull Down Attic Stairs and the Easy InstallationThese pull down attic stairs are really easy to install. They are usually available folded up and need only a few nail drivers and screws to install it up the attic door.

If you already have the attic door, install it there. If you haven’t, make one by cutting out your attic. Make it a square cut with longer length or measure the stairs first before cutting


The fact that this is a folding stair, this means you do not need lots of space for the stairs. It will scroll down when needed and it will go out of sight once you are done with your business up there. That is why, the pull down attic stairs are very popular among households that have no storage and decided to make their attic as their storage.How to Do Pull Down Attic Stairs Maintenance

If you have this kind of stairs, make sure that you always give the spring drum enough lubricant to ease the way the stairs pulled up and down. Don’t put too much strain on the stair case if you want your folded chair to last long. Make sure you check on the nail or driver of the stair case if you ever heard some noises while climbing up the stair.

How to Installing Pull Down Attic Stairs

Checking on the condition of the stairs regularly will also help to keep the stairs from broking on you. You have to also choose the right type of stairs upon purchasing. Choose the pull down attic stairs which are made of sturdy woods.