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Tips How to Decorate Wedding Room Decorations


A wedding is an important event in one’s life and whether you choose to celebrate the occasion with hundreds of guests at a restaurant or you gather a small circle of friends and family member at your home, this fact does not change. Sometimes, having the wedding at home is a matter of a limited budget and sometimes it is simply a choice. Nevertheless, irrespective of your reasons, the fact that you will need to decorate your home for this special event will not change. Unless you have a large quantity of ribbon suitable for wedding decoration available in the house, you will need to buy ribbon from a wholesale supplier. Fortunately, you will be able to decorate your house rather cheaply compared with having to decorate wedding revenue or pay for the restaurant to prepare for the party. You do not need to spend lavishly, you only need to be creative to create the appropriate atmosphere for a wedding and that is not difficult at all.Ribbons, ribbons everywhere



You do not have to be subtle when it comes to your own wedding decorations. It is acceptable to use ribbons on everything in the house at least with this occasion, but make sure to choose a palette that will match not only the rest of the house and décor, but also each other. Use complementary colors and no more than two different kinds of ribbons. Instead of investing in seta covers, which can be quite expensive, you can buy a roll of large ribbon and use it to tie the chairs, the effect will be extraordinary and you will not have to spend that much in the end. Nicely tied ribbons will add some elegance and you will be able to use it as a theme. You can follow up by wrapping the cutlery and the cups with smaller version of these ribbons. The effect is charming because it is not easily noticeable that you matched the décor. White lights and candles



Ribbon decorations will look great during the day, but you will need to cover the evening too, so taking out the white Christmas lights will be a good idea. Why white lights and not green for example? Because you need to keep it simple and elegant in order to create a beautiful décor and a nice atmosphere. Candles placed strategically along the stairs and on the table will look absolutely charming. You cannot light candles inside the restaurant on all the tables, but this is easily achievable when you organize your wedding at home. You can purchase affordable glass cups and small candles for interior use to create a stunning effect. Do insist on finding glass or white matte candle holders. Get them as simple as possible, because they will look gorgeous and they will be cheaper and you can complete the décor by wrapping ribbon around them to create a lovely effect.More Ideas